Thoughts on The Future

“The maps produced by modern materialistic Scientism leave all the questions that really matter unanswered; more than that, they deny the validity of the questions.” -E. F. Schumacher, A Guide for the Perplexed

Does this not represent much of what we are taught in schools nowadays? If we ask questions or say things that are not wanted, controversial, we are shunned by the institution. We are told that only a fool will believe such things. That a close minded child would think that. That only a bigot would question that. The status quo is what is right, though they say that it is in the future.


We may live in a society of contradictions, but the oppression of free thought is one of the largest. When we are told that you may not question “science” as if science where inclusive as religion is. When you are told that you have the right to think differently as long as you think the way they say is right. When you see men and women losing jobs and being attacked by the media for thinking differently. When you see all this, you know our society is not free.

Over the past few years it has gotten worse. Will a man be able to say “There is a God” ten years from now without being a bigot? Will a woman be able to say “I want a single income family” in time to come without being a part of the ‘problem’? By the same token, will the opposite be true? Perhaps a negative movement will gain steam pushing in the opposite direction and move too far. Perhaps with all this rabid leftism a rabid right will move? When it is said that you are free as long a you agree does that not make the other side want to push back the same way? What about the ones in the middle? Will they have to chose from one extreme or another, without be told they have another option?

We have an age where people are polarized to one side or another. Many in the middle laugh at the regressive left’s push to censorship, but the alt-right pushes the same and gains momentum for each victory of the other. What can the middle do when they are deprived of philosophy and history? Some will stay behind to learn, but the others will naturally join one side or the other, they will try to preserve themselves by adapting, forgetting themselves.

A Warning for the Future

Situations that have been popping up lately where people have been oppressed in the name of protecting someone from being offended. From teachers speaking out against censorship on campus to media bias that may have cost people lives. We live in an age where being an individual, thinking differently, and opposing extreme ideologies are seen as bigotry and must be punished. Because you think that a pet can where cloths or that bathrooms should be gendered you are hated. Because you are not in agreement you are despised. If you are “one of us”, but said “one of them” is not bad, you betrayed “us”. We move to a future not bright if this is mentality is to stay. When a man wants to debate but the other says “The talk must be made, but only after we agree on…” then there is no debate and no path to truth. This idea is on both extremes leaving many in the middle nowhere to go.

We should be of philosophy and seek truth, not get caught up in the extremest notions of today. Otherwise we will see a future where there is only room for one extreme.

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