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I have opened up a Patreon account to help offset the costs of running this website. You can donate money to help keep Random Thoughts going. Everything will still be free. There will never be a charge to access our content.

Why Patreon?

It takes time and money to write. There is the initial cost of the website, then resources, software costs when a tutorial is needed, and opportunity costs. An article can take hours, sometimes days, to write. This is time that could be put to making money for food, housing, and quality of life improvements.

Patreon lets fans of my work fund its creation. As these costs are balanced out, more time that was spent working can be spent writing. Each time you donate through Patreon, you support the content creation process. Without support it is difficult to continue providing these free resources.

Your money will go to the following:

  • Web Hosting. This is the first cost of Random Thoughts. My website takes money to maintain.
  • Improvements. This includes development of the website, hiring staff, and improving equipment.
  • Facebook “Boost”/Advertising. Facebook does not show our posts to all of you who like our page. They only show posts to a portion of you. By paying Facebook Random Thoughts can get our messages to more of you and expand our audience.
  • Personal Costs. As said previously, I cannot work when I am writing. To continue writing I need food, housing, and bills paid. After all else is paid, I can invest money into paying these expenses and therefore spend more time writing and filming.


Backing me on Patreon gives us a unique opportunity. I will have time to create special rewards for you as thanks for your support. There are multiple tiers of rewards, each tier includes all other rewards.

  • $1 – Access to my Patreon only feed where I will share more ramblings and what I have been working on. You have my eternal gratitude for your support.
  • $5 – Not only do you get access to the feed, but you can suggest topics for the next article. Your name will be on the Wall of Thanks on the website.
  • $10 – A PDF copy of each article published the month that you are a Patreon and early access to all content posted.
  • $15 – A live audio chat session with the other Patreons and I once a month. You can ask me anything here or just hang out and chat about life.
  • $30 – You will receive access to the entire PDF archive for offline viewing.
  • $50 – You will receive access to a video download of each video posted the moth you are a Patreon. *Note* This does not guarantee a video will be posted that month.
  • $100 – A website should never expect this kind of support from any one person, but you will have my thanks. A one on one chat between us. You can ask anything, be it how to do something on a computer or a political debate.

As you can see, Patreon is not only beneficial to me, but to both of us. You have my thanks for checking me out on Patreon.

You can access my Patreon here:

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