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Random Thoughts is here to make tech simple and share insight into the many happenings in our rapidly changing world.

Writer and Webmaster

Matthew Lamont runs Random Thoughts and writes most content for Random Thoughts.

It is my firm belief that knowledge must be accompanied by wisdom to be beneficial to the world, therefore I try to write with that in mind. I write about many topics, but focus on technology and philosophy.

I am always open to intelligent debate and if you disagree with me I am willing to listen. I am not perfect, if you find that I err on something or made a grammar mistake, please inform me.


  1. Matthew, What a great resource you offer. The information on your sights are going to benefit me as I build my newest website. Thank you for the time you put into sharing your knowledge. Lj

    1. I am glad to be of help. I am planing to write some articles on making a website in the future, however I have to finish my introduction to computers series. College and life slow things down, but hopefully all the information needed will come out in time to help you out.

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