About Random Thoughts

The world is constantly moving, and it can be hard to keep up. Technology and work have become hyper specialized and complex. How is one to keep up with all this?

I used to ask the same question when I started programming. Nothing clicked, and there was technical jargon everywhere. How are we to make sense of this?

Turns out, tech is not that difficult once you spell it out in plain English. Here at Random Thoughts, we do just that: take complex technical topics and break them into easy to understand articles and videos.

We cover everything from game design to setting up your new computer. In these articles and videos, we will explain each step of the process, and even the jargon so you can use it too.

We are here to keep things simple in a world that tries to keep things complicated.

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4 years ago

Matthew, What a great resource you offer. The information on your sights are going to benefit me as I build my newest website. Thank you for the time you put into sharing your knowledge. Lj

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